This weekend

We had a quiet weekend. We had canvassing on Friday night. Saturday morning we went to find some black shoes for the girls. I finally was able to find some nice, dressy and good priced shoes in Zara. Exactly was I was looking for, which it was the problem to begin with.
On Saturday night we had Olga over. She got in contact with us and has visited us at the church once. She does go to a different church here in Granada, a Brethren church. She comes from Brethren church, so it makes sense that she would go there. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy getting to know her. We had lots of fun, eating and later playing Pit and Uno. I love Pit!! It is so much fun. We don't have it here in Spain, but we order it and my mother in law sent it to us. I am very competitive so it was great to win both games :) hehe.
On Sunday we had Lucio again with us, what a blessing! Matthew preached on setting limits to God. Talking about the no believers, christians and the church. How at times God is going to give us something we don't want and tell Him "that is it, I don't want to go on". About quitting on God when things get difficult. Anymore it is so hard for me to put my thoughts in order... hope you understand what I am trying to say.
God has been working in me about something. Last week a read a post for Heidi on "Mom,ministry and more". She was talking about how God was dealing with her heart and asking her to surrender a little more. I didn't know God was about to do the same in my heart. As scary as it is for me to surrender completely, I did last night. I know God wants the best for me, and after the post I wrote the other day about trials, I think it is time to walk the talk. :).
It may be that God just wanted me to surrender more to Him, or it may be that a trial may be about to come to my life that will require this surrendering. Let's see what happends.


Aliene said...

You have three little bundles of Joy. The picture was pecious. Even the Mom. I don't like to show my picture either. But guess one day before long I will.
Have a blessed week.

Pilar Stark said...

I do have 3 great kids, I am very blessed.. but I already said that :) I don't get tired though. Thanks for the kind words on my side :).

Dani Joy said...

Toco mi corazon mucho tus palabras de rendirse. Es donde El SeƱor puede proteger nuestros corazones mas. :) un abrazo.