Facing the Giants

Last night we watched "Facing the Giants" again. Anymore is my favorite movies, I think I could take notes during the movie like I do with the messages. :)

There are a lot of Bible teaching inside. I know most of you have probably watched it already, but in case someone hasn't, I took this from their web site, it will explain better what the movie is about "In his six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never had a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his Shiloh Eagles decides to transfer schools. After losing their first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.
However, an unexpected challenge helps him find a purpose bigger than just victories. Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field … and off.
With God, all things are possible … "

They use this young guy, David, and his handicap father, to teach how when we are weak He can show Himself strong thru us.

Also we can see the power of prayer. You can see a man, that for the last years, has been going to the high school and praying for revival in the students. One day the prayer is answer and it is the point start of all the changes even in the team.

It also shows us how God is interested in us up to the minimal detail. After all, He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die in the cross for our sins.

One of the side stories of the movie is how the coach and his wife can't have children. It is when finaly both of them tell God that they would love Him even if He doesn't allow them to have children, that they found out that she is pregnat. Of course that is not a formula, -you give everything to God and God will give what you want back- I know that is not what they are trying to teach, there are things that God just doesn't want us to have even if those things are not bad, sometimes it is not His will for us. But the need to give all your burdens to the Lord and love Him no matter what. It is one of those hard ones to learn.

Lastly, the main teaching of the movie is to give our all to God and leave Him the rest. "If we win, we praise Him. If we loose, we praise Him". It ended up being the team's philosophy.

If you haven't watch the movie I would recomend you to. The music, for my taste, is a little too contemporary, but I understand that not everyone has my same standars on that. I do wanted to mention it though so you know in case you believe like me in music.
They also have another movie, it is call Flywheel, it is also very good. We watched that one the day before. I saw in their web page too that they are putting one out in the teathers called "Fireproof". It seems pretty good and they have a web page out with marriage resourses, but I haven't check it yet so I won't write anything about it :). If you go to it let me know what you like and what you don't.
Facing the giants also has a book that I would love to find in spanish and buy it. Let me know if you ever find it :)
Well, that is my movie review for today hehe :) If you have any movies that you have enjoyed please let me know, and also books...
We'll talk soon



Hi there,

Well, I am on the search for the perfect birthday gift for my husband. His bday is on Sunday, he will turn 32. I used to buy things, things that he didn't know where coming, and that is always fun. But the last few years with deputation and our first year here and so, we have been just letting the other one pick whatever they wanted, either the day of the bday or a few days earlier. That is nice, because you know you get what you want, but..... no surprise there so you miss the fun.....

So yesterday and today we went out to his favorite stores and I let him tell me the things he would like, a weight lifting bench, a electric raiser (I am so not getting him that, it is more a father's day present or christmas), a jacket..... So tonight I am suppossed to take off by myself and go get whatever I want of those things. My problem.... I don't know what to choose. :)

I think it is going to be a deal though to get out, there is a national race that starts here in Granada and most streets are closed, if you add to that, that Granada already has pretty bad traffic on a regular bases, and that it is friday night and most people get out too...... wow.... I am going to have to drive but if I didn't I would take some photos of the traffic so you could see it... it is baaadddd!!!

Last night, Alberto preached for us. It was really good, we are having a study on the book of Acts, what better example to start a chuch than the first church. I am looking forward the following weeks to see all the new things God shows me thru this book.

Well ladies, I am going to take care of some things around here and then head off. I will let you know of my journey thru Granada's traffic :)


Update in the church locale

Hey there,
I forgot to mention about the locale for the church that I asked you guys to pray about. Last friday Matthew and Alberto went to sign on it, they gave one of the four months they are suppossed to pay by the first of sept and let the rest for the Lord to bring in. I think we already have the rest if not most of the money that we need for signing on mond, praise the Lord! The Spanish church in MBC gave us a good chunk.
Thanks for praying. If you want to see photos of the locale, you can go to our web page and you can see them there. There is a link in the article that talks about it.
Thanks for praying and keep praying please, there are lots of things to do with it still and lots of other expenses to get it going.


Our trip to Villacarrillo

On Sunday night we went to Villacarrillo, a small town (population of 11,117) where my family is from and where I lived from 2nd grade to 6th grade (both included). We also spent every Easter and summer vacation there. I love Villacarrillo, I have great memories there and I absolutely love everything to do with this small little town. We came back Tuesday morning, so we really only spent 1 day there, but I wish I could have stay lots longer. Actually I would have love for the Lord to send us there. But He didn't and He has a perfect plan for that town, so I am just praying that God would send someone there to talk to them about Christ.
I actually had the chance to talk to the neighbour across the street about the Lord. Not much, but a little bit. She actually asked, she wanted to know what it is that we belive. I wished I could have talk to her longer. But praise the Lord for the little bit that I got to share.

This is the way the streets and houses look like. At night the neighbours get out with chairs and spend hours talking to their neighbours. You become like family and everyone knows everybody in the town. Every family has a nickname and that is how they know who you are related to. In many ways it is like going back to the past, but I just love it. Yeah, I know, I always say that I am a city girl, but for this town I would do an exception. :)
This is my sister Belen and I. We were eating a nocilla sandwich (chocolate spread) in bollo de aceite bread (oil bread is the name, not exactly what it is). My mom used to give me that for merienda (snack betweek lunch and dinner) and it has been years since I had it last. It was so good!!

This photos are from the catholic cathedral in Villacarrillo. It is a beautiful buiding architecturaly speaking, from the gothic and early Renaissance.
This is the building where the false Jehovah's witness meet. I think they came about 10 years ago. There is nothing but them and catholics there. Pray that soon there will be a gospel witness church there please. One thing that caught my attention is that the sign says "Kindom Hall of the christian Jehova's witness". They usually don't use the word "christian" in their name.
Villacarrillo is surrounded by olive trees. I actually found a page that says that Villacarrillo is the 1 st town in the world producer of olive oil, althouth tradicionaly is "Martos" a town close by. Everyone in Villacarrillo has olive trees and most of them live only of them.
This is "el paseo" a place where everyone goes to "walk". You can find the whole town there at night. We took the girls there to go to the park. They really enjoyed it.

This is the main plaza in the town, close to the court house. Is the fountain of the lions. This was one of our favorite spots to play too when I lived there.
Left to right Noelia, Kayla, Nicole and my niece Paula.
I used to play with my friends in the same spot and doing the same things that my girls and niece where doing.
This is the front of the school I used to go to when I lived there. It was a catholic school.
This is another park where we used to play when I lived there. So many memories.

I can't wait to go back although I believe I won't be able for a long time. :(. I love my little town.

Craft time!!

We all were children once and we remember how much fun play dough was-- "plastilina" in Spanish. My girls love playing with it, but I am always afraid that, with Noelia aroud, I will find play dough anywhere in the house. So I have to confess that I haven't allow them to play with it in the house. But now that we have the downstairs, we set a table there and went to the store and bought them some craft supplies. There is one more reason for them to love it downstairs :) I will be joining them soon, since I set up a table for my scrapbooking :).

Anyway, I was wanting so share some photos of them having fun :).

A new book finished

Yesteday I finished reading "A burka by love" by Reyes Monforte. It is the true story of a lady from Spain that moves to London, and there she falls in love and marries a man from Afganistan. He is open minded, nothing at all like the people from his town and family, but soon after they get married they decided to visit his parents. That first visit was a crazy trip, she had her first baby there, on the floor of her mother in law's (who btw hated her because she wasn't the one she had chosen to her son). She helped her to deliver her baby because since she was a woman she couldn't go to the hospital to have her baby. Woman are not allowed to go to the hospital, since only men can be doctors and they can't touch women. She got back to London, and for some crazy reason she decides to go back with her husband when they found out that his dad was very sick. When she got there they stole her passport, their money, and she got stuck in a country where no one, not even her own embassy would help her to get out. So she lived there for 3 years, withouth food, without money, and without rights.
It is an unbelievable story, worth reading. She finaly got back to Spain, last Christmas, with her kids, and husband.

I found the book in amazon, but I believe they only have it in Spanish. It opens your eyes to so many things, and it helps you to praise God for the country we live in.


What is going on?

Hey there,
Well today was one of those days, weird days. One of those kind of days when nothing happend but something is going on. When you don't hurt anywhere but you don't feel good either, just a weird day :). I am fine though hehe.
We got up expecting a exciting day. We were finally going inside the Alhambra. But finally, after we got everyone in the car, headed there, parked and walk to the entrance we heard an announcement. The tickets were sold out :( "My joy in a pit" hehehe. This is a spanish saying. It is kind of you lost your joy, well, you get the picture :). And it was hot anyway, so, although we could have gotten some tickets for 3 hours later, we decided to just find somewhere else to go and just get the tickets ahead of time in the internet..... Next week, will be the week :).
We came back home, and I took a little time off to read some. I am reading this book, "a burka for love". It is really good, I will let you guys know when I finish it. It is not a christian book, it is a biography... but as I said, when I finish I will let you guys know about it. It always leaves me with a strange feeling, that woman went thru a lot! and I get into the books I read :).
Well, this time left me sleepy, I feel asleep yeah, way too long of a nap. And I am not a nap person, so when I woke up, I felt even weirder (Is that a word or I just made it up?).
Then I went to buy some stuff for tomorrow to the store, stopped in a terraza and came back home. Wow, what an exciting saturday uh?. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exciting, just a lazy day... i am not a lazy day kind of person.... heheheheh this is a weird post uh?
Tomorrow, after the night service, we are going up to Villacarrillo. I am excited!! Villacarrillo is in Jaen, a small town where my family is from and where I lived for 6 years when I was little. I always loved going there when I was growing up, it was fun, so fun... I have been wanting to go since we moved to Spain, but haven't been able to because Gijon was very far (about 11 hours). now we are only 1 1/2 hours away, so I know I will escape there often.
I will take some photos and share when you guys. Oh, btw, my dad will be there and also my sister, bro in law and 2 nieces (the girls will have fun :)!!!) They are spending a few days there.
Well see you guys in a few days then.

Oh, if you believe I had a weird day you should have seen Ashley, she had a little moment when she was singing a weird song about being "spezal" (special), I have no idea what she was saying, but it was too funny. Do you all know Ashley?


Prayer request

Hello again,
I was just wanting to pass this along so, if you remember, you can pray for us. We think we have found the best place and locale to start our church here in Granada. We do need to come up with the money for it though. We were not going to start looking so soon, and much less where we planning in renting as early, so we were planning to save some money during this first months. Also the situation with the dollar/euro hasn't make the saving much easier.
Well, we know that if God wants us to have this locale He will provide with the money too. :) The signing of the locale is the first of september.
If you want to know more details or see photos of the locale you can go to our web page and read more and see more.
Thanks everyone for praying.


Kids playroom ideas- Decorating tips

Hello everyone,
I got a question for you all especially those into designing. As you know we have now moved to a house and that of course means more room for everyone. The girls room is a nice size, but since we got here they have found the garage to be their favorite room. We have boxes down there, but there is a big area that is open and that is where the girls have been playing. For some reason they prefer that to their own room. The floor of the garage is done, it is not concrete, but it does stay cool because it is not carpet. (I guess here it is use more as a "summer room" than as a garage- it actually has a fire place, and our neighbour has turned hers into the place where she has gatherings) That may be the reason why they like it so much, it is cooler in there than anywhere else in the house.

Anyway, they found their old toy box with old toys inside, we had a chalkboard that I don't much care to have inside the house and Matthew took it downstairs for them to use. I still need that area to be of storage but I was wondering if you guys have any ideas to turn that into a cozy play room for them. But remember, keep the budget under 100$, the less the better. If you have any ideas, share away please. Until then, you can find me in decorating sites :)


Rejoice in the Lord always!

Praise the Lord!! You don't appreciate how important the "little things" are until you don't have them. We have been here in Granada a few weeks now, and we have been able to take care of all the main things, but the electricity. We haven't been able to cook, we haven't been able to do a lot of things. I have been praying so much for it and getting frustrated when I saw that wasn't being taken care of, and that each time the guy would come to get it done, he would find something else that was wrong and because of that he couldn't fix it... After all, why God wouldn't want me to have light, right?. Well, he didn't because I needed to learn to rest in Him and be content under any circunstances. Especially because we did have a little bit for the "main" things.

Now is funny, I imagine you don't think what a blessing it is to turn the hot water on and the water being hot, and you probably don't think being able to cook is such a great blessing. Well, I do. We have to praise God for all the little things we have and I do Praise God for it and for taking care of all the things we need.


More tourism- take 2 :) hehe

Go down and read first or this photos would not make any sense to you, somehow I can't copy it to the top of the post... :( . Laura, go and google La Alhambra, I think you would love to read about it's history :)

This was my wall..... It may make no sense to some of you but I find so much beauty in it...

Well, here are the photos that I told you guys about. We went to the Alhambra and although we didn't go inside (we will soon though) because we didn't have much time before lunch we decided to take a little trail and walk by it. The wall are so beautiful. I am a history geek and although some people find no beauty in walls, I do, so I am posting some photos for those of you that would enjoy something like this. I have to say, I was looking around this place and was thinking what beautiful photos my niece Arancha would be able to take there :) So girl, when are you coming, I want some family photos there. For those of you that have been missing out my nieces photography work, click on Arancha Staples, she is on "my friends" list and enjoy. Well, I can't compare but.... there they go.

Family photos

Yesterday we went back to Granada for some "sight seeing". I will share some more of that later with some pictures of the walls of the Alhambra, but for now I wanted to share some family pictures we took yesterday. Enjoy!

There he is, as handsome as ever :) I am so blessed to have as wonderful husband as Matthew is.
My four blessings.
My girl Kayla, she is starting 1st grade in less than a month :( She is getting soooo big
Sweet Nicole, she is 4 1/2 .
Noelia, she is so beautiful and goofie. She loves Hello Kitty and anything from it. It takes me forever to get her to smile and get at the camera all at the same time, but when she does, they are always great photos. What a beautiful family I have been bless with. PRAISE THE LORD!


Confronting the problems of life

Has it ever happend to you that you spend all this time writting something and sudently you computer shuts down or you lose whatever you are writing... well it just happend to me :(
Well, let's start all over again.
I just started a new book, which is strange because I am not the kind of person that would read more than 1 book at once. I wouldn't be able to start a book if I hadn't finish the one I was reading before; but lately I start all kind of books. I have not too much time to read anymore but have lots of really good books that I am looking forward to reading so... I started a few.
Anyway, lately it seems like everything was going wrong and it didn't matter how much I prayed about it I got no answer (at least not the answer I was looking for). I am the kind of person that when I want something I want it now, and God, well let's just say that sometimes He has different plans. So here we are, in Granada, and still connected to our neighbour's electricity because it is August and in Spain, August is vacation time, and whoever is working doesn't feel like it much. So there are lots of things that we can't do. Of course there is a blessing in all this. We are connected to the neighbour which means, no, we don't have all the electricity we would like, but yes, we do have the electricity we absolutely need (let's just say I am tired of grilling and eating out).
So what am I trying to say with all this? Well I was down and God used this book to remind me the basics and lift me up. More than a book it is actually a devotional book. (For those of you that speak/understand spanish you can go to http://www.ebi-bmm.org/ and if you go to the ladies section they have all those wonderful devotional books that you can use for your own blessing or to use for ladies studies. ) So I am doing it in my daily devotionals. It is a study of the book of Nehemiah.
The first lesson was on "our best resource" which is prayer. It reminded me that sometimes when you are down it is the only time that we look up to God, and sometimes God has to remind us that He is in control. We need to put our trust in Him and not in man. It also talks about the need of being specific in our prayers. We also need to claim the promises of God when we pray. And lastly, it said that if I don't have peace during trials, it is because I didn't ask for it. God loves us so much, and He wants to give us so much.
The second lesson was "Nothing is impossible for God". It was talking about how Nehemiah was afraid because he was going to ask the king to change his own ruling. He had commanded that they would stop the construction of the walls, but he was going to ask the king to let him go to build them. He spent longer time praying than the time that he spent building those walls. Although everything seem to point out that his praying was pointless he trusted in Proverbs 21:1- The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.
He knew that to change the kings heart he needed to go to the KING of kings and the LORD of Lords.
There is nothing impossible for God. There is nothing that He can't control. Whatever is going on in your life, leave it to God. Pray and do nothing unless He is leading you to do something.
Nehemiah prayed to God, and waited on him, for 4 months he prayed to God. Then God opened the door for him to talk to the king about it, and trusting in God to answer, he told the king his need. And God answered his prayer. I notice in Nehemiah 2:8 "I shall enter into. And the king granted me, according to the good hand of my God upon me." He knew that the king had given him what he wanted but he gave the glory for it to God. He knew that God was the one that really gave him his request.
Well, I didn't intend to "preach" I was just wanting to share a blessing. Hope this will be a blessing to someone also

Luk 1:37-- For with God nothing shall be impossible.